Bespoke Facial

What is a Bespoke Clinical Facial?

A bespoke clinical facial treatment is quite different from a regular salon facial. 

First and foremost, the reason behind a bespoke facial treatment is to treat a concern, and see the skin from a health perspective, so finding the right treatment to help reduce acne, pigmentation, fine lines or wrinkles but also the purpose is to promote and maintain healthy skin. 

At UrSkin we go that extra mile

We offer you a clinical bespoke facial with a holistic approach.  I personally know how important it is to relax and unwind, so I also offer you a heated comfortable bed, a relaxing environment that will help you unwind and rejuvenate your mind and soul.  Whether you are concerned about lines and wrinkles, facial redness, pigmentations or acne, UrSkin can help you make a real difference to how you look and feel using either Alumier MD or Janssen Cosmetics’ clinically proven facial treatments.

 Why not book a facial with us today to discuss your skin concerns and take free samples to try at home! 

Nina’s Facial Workout

This is not a facial this is a work out for your face

Nina’s signature ‘workout’ facial massage is an amazing, non-invasive approach to restoring youthful vitality. Using pressure point stimulation, muscle toning and lymphatic drainage to de-puff, also fascia release massage to release tight fascia to keep your skin looking plump, vibrant and youthful.

Nina’s signature facial workout massage frees the constrictions in your facial muscles, and connective tissue, which helps to condition the skin and starts to retrain facial muscles and for be improve oxygen & blood flow in the skin, creating a brighter skin tone and promoting a healthy natural glow.

Face massaging helps improve facial elasticity, increases collagen production, which prevent the formation of wrinkles. Also known as a natural facelift. You’ll also feel incredibly relaxed and any tension related symptoms drift away.

Natural face lifting massage comes from Indian, Chinese and Japanese facial massage techniques; this gentle but firm lifting massage technique is applied over the face, head, neck, shoulders and scalp. This wonderful massage treatment improves circulation to the head and neck, helps to move waste out of the tissues and replenish the skin cells with oxygen & nutrients as a result revitalising the skin.


Stress & tension dissolves as the treatment brings about a feeling of deep relaxation to the whole body. This Treatment helps to redefine the contours of the face with an overall, subtle lifting effect.

What is Fascia?

Superficial fascia is the layer of connective tissue right under the skin on the face. It acts as the support and infrastructure for your skin and is responsible for giving it lift and tone. It can also carry a lot of tension an adhesion that restrict circulation of blood and lymph

Janssen Cosmetics Secrets Facial
(JC Secrets Facial)

A Luxury rejuvenating Facial for tired and stressed skin using hot towels and the award winning Janssen Cosmetics this facial will revitalise skin. It is suitable for any skin type as the therapist will tailor the products to your specific needs. This facial includes: cleansing, toning, exfoliation or peel, cream mask and a relaxing facial massage

Janssen Cosmetics Collagen Facial
(JC Collagen Facial)

Our most luxurious and relaxing anti ageing facial, dry areas of skin will be intensively moisturised, fine lines smoothed and contours lifted it is the ultimate treatment for anti-ageing, hypersensitivity and hydration. Facial includes:

A firming and boosting treatment for skin losing its elasticity in the neck and chest area. Fine lines and wrinkles are smoothed and moisturised improving their appearance.

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